Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'm not usually one to overreact, but there I was, sitting upstairs and pecking away at my computer when I hear the three frantic rings at the doorbell. I jumped out of my seat and before I was halfway down the stairs, three men had burst into my apartment through the (locked) door.

My family and friends back home know that Texans don't react well to people barging into homes uninvited.

They must have been a little startled at my surprise; one of the men mumbled something about a housing contract, which I said I had already signed a week ago, and then they turned around and left.

Pretty weird, right? So I did what any good American boy would do... I called the cops before they could break into my neighbor's house, too.

Campus security responded beautifully. A car was here in less than two minutes and I even received a call after the incident was resolved to make sure everything was still ok.

Turns out it was just three very impatient members of housekeeping who probably were told to go door to door to every house and see if anything was wrong - whether or not residents were home. I wonder how many families they will freak out today before changing their methods.

Oh well, just another day, just another adventure!

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