Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This Wednesday was the last in a very long series of days designed to inform, instruct, and enrich the KAUST students by talking at us for seven hours a day about topics such as school dress code, 1001 different library programs, how much longer construction will last on campus (no one really knows yet) and cultural diversity. This ritual, widely practiced at other higher educational institutions worldwide, is called new student orientation.
We may look a little loony, but if we weren't allowed to have a little fun along the way, we might have gone completely out of our minds.
As it was, however, we all just suffered from acute stir-craziness. The occasional workout helps burn some of that nervous energy off.
Orientation did have a slumbering effect on some of my peers - here are two friends exploring the napping potential of one of the library's unique architectural features.

Orientation is done! Now that the dust has settled, I have my class schedule, my books, and I am moved into my new apartment. No permanent harm done, and we are all eager for classes to start this Saturday!

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