Thursday, February 4, 2010

Driving to the Desert

Two weeks ago, I went to the desert. True, KAUST, and most of Saudi Arabia, is already "in the desert," but this particular place is one of our friend's childhood favorites.

Going to the desert is not about sand and scenery as much as it is about good food and coffee, and good company. In this picture, my friend is serving Arabic coffee and teaching us some of the customs which come with this traditional drink. We also prepared and ate a barbecue fit for Bedouin princes and princesses, and stories under the sunset and stars were perfect evening entertainment.

The weather was perfect for it too - and completely different then the deep freeze I was in just a few weeks ago! Short sleeves were comfortable in January, and in the shade of the mountains we didn't sweat much either...

... except when we had to push the suburban out of some sand, but even that is kind of adventure is expected when going out to the desert!

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