Friday, February 26, 2010

Red Sea at our Fingertips

I went snorkeling with two friends this morning in a lagoon near KAUST. The guy at right is a marine scientist who studies coral reef conservation and loves fish - I think if he could grow gills and live in the water he would. He was our informal guide on this trip and talked about the coral, crabs and snails, stingrays, and especially the fish as if they were all dear friends of his.

We just walked to the edge of the water and jumped in - it was great! I finally got a chance to use my underwater camera (a gift from my parents). The lagoon was shallow and a little murky. These pictures are not nearly as dazzling as those I hope to show from the big reef when I get a chance to go, but it will give you a shadow of an idea of the life that is just beneath the surface of the Red Sea.

There is a small blue fish at the bottom left in this picture. This was the only shy little fish I was able to capture on film today - I promise to have more next time!

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  1. More underwater photos, please! It is a different world down there!