Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Next KAUST Class

Just two days after completing my last final, I was whisked away to College Station in my home state of Texas to help with the KAUST Pre-Departure Orientation for next year's class of graduate students who are currently in the USA and Canada.

Here they are! This is only a small fraction of the incoming students, there will also be orientations in London, Mexico City, Beijing, Cairo, and Jeddah.

The new class endured two full days of informative speaking and question sessions hosted by KAUST administrators Najah Ashry and Faizi Ghodsi, KAUST professors Michael Berumen and Alyn Rockwood, KAUST students Justine and myself, and a keynote address from MIT Professor / KAUST Investigator Ahmed Ghoniem shown lecturing above.

Congratulations to the new incoming class! Your accomplishments will be many, I am sure, and the new challenges will be different than those of the founding class which I was privileged to be part of. I look forward to hearing and reading more from you as your adventure unfolds...


  1. wo0ow god bless you all..
    i'm so exiting to study at KAUST ..
    but i'm now in my senior year one year and i'll be graduated ^_^
    i have question ..plz answer..
    i read that you're studying biological engineering..aren't you?
    ok my major is biochemistry at King abdulaziz,Jeddah..
    and i searched about Chemical and biological engineering and then i decided that this major is what i want to know about and study it..
    sure in KAUST..
    i want from you if you please to till me more about it and about KAUST..
    you're the only one that i found in google while i was searching about master's student at KAUST..
    what should i do to study in KAUST..?
    only high mark in TOFEL and GRE and sure high GPA...??
    uh sorry i talked to much :P