Monday, December 13, 2010

Return to KAUST!

It is good to be back at KAUST and among friends after many months away. A lot has changed since I left the KAUST campus six months ago - for one thing, construction on campus is significantly reduced, and most of the fences have been removed as work is completed. The sound of birds is now more common than jackhammers here.

This is a view of campus from the oposite side of the Harbor, which was previously inaccessible because of construction.

The Yacht Club (a dining area) is finished, and new spiffy signs help to direct new members of the community.

The Yacht club sports an impressive mural on one side wall.

More random art: this one looks like it is inspired by a Norwegian longboat.

A new venue for events in the same area.

Hibiscus flowers grow where there was only sand before.

Another piece of weird art - perhaps an ostrich?

There has definitely been improvement... and the most important changes are not in the buildings.