Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beating the Ant Infestation

I have been waging war against the Thuwal insect population since I moved into my new apartment, and today I am claiming victory! The roaches and crickets were first to leave - I beat them early on with frequent cleaning and liberal Raid use.

The ants, however, were much more persistent.

I sprayed poison, I swept, I mopped, I crushed dozens with my fingers and toes. I eliminated every food source I could think of and still the kept crawling all over my floors. Finally, I killed them off this weekend by mixing Boric acid with finely crushed crackers and spreading it in little piles on the floor (thanks Mark!) The ants loved it - they took every last piece of poisoned cracker back to their nest and haven't returned since!

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  1. Hi, I've just found your blog while searching for info on KAUST! Great work! An immediate question: can u buy boric acid in a pharmacy here? I've been trying to fight ants since weeks - but it is hard with 3 small children onboard... Any other "children friendy options"? Ants are really a horror in KSA (especially those who inhabited our appartment - they bite us!).