Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A New Home

A new pet for a new home. My friend adopted this adorable little female kitten just a few days ago. He had much difficulty with his first KAUST apartment, but the new one he has recently moved into is good enough to share with a new friend!

This little ball of fuzz is evidence of a larger trend, that many students are beginning to feel more settled at KAUST. Some of us are still in temporary housing, and a few still have leaks, appliance, or mold problems to be fixed. Still, life is normalizing, and in a place as new and different as KAUST, that is a big deal.


  1. unbelievably cute, i mean the kitten of course, lol. i'm glad they found each other, the best mate :)

  2. cute kitties :)
    wishing u best in KAUST