Sunday, November 22, 2009


This picture was taken after my very first SCUBA dive two weeks ago. When I strapped on my tank and toddled after my dive instructor through waist-deep water just two hours earlier, I had no clue what awaited me just below the surface. After some minutes of stumbling over rocks and coral, I and my classmates saw the edge of the reef and swam out over a sheer cliff. The wall of coral teeming with fish and other animals extended endlessly downward and to all sides - I could not see the bottom. Anxiety quickly gave way to awe and all I could do was stare in wonder until our instructor told us to don our masks dive.

This Friday, I completed my final open water dive and I am just one written test away from being PADI dive certified. The Red Sea is as full of life as the desert around Jeddah is empty - it really is another world under the surface of the water.

When I was younger, I used to read books about fish, coral, and other wildlife in the world's oceans, but I never expected to see these natural treasures for myself. I am glad that I took the chance to dive - I think now I am hooked for life!

(Underwater pictures will be posted later. We dove with a camera on our last trip and I expect to get the pictures from my friend soon.)

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