Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy Week

Sadly, this week blogging took a back seat to lots of homework, though there were some bright spots in an otherwise busy week:

1. An outdoor basketball court opened up and I played twice this week. The second time, ten of the Philippine gym employees came to play with us - they were great competition!

2. The local students have begun teaching Arabic lessons this week. I have already picked up some useful phrases; Jeddah retailers beware - I am equipped to bargain!

3. The Chinese students will also begin offering language lessons next week. I may get to brush up on my Mandarin while in Saudi Arabia!

4. Tonight was Mexican food night at the cafe... hallelujah! Normally I would be very skeptical about Arabic-mexican style, but our own Mexican students teamed up with the KAUST cooking staff to whip up an authentic dinner. Well done guys! It made me think of home...

5. I am getting closer to finding a research project which I will keep for the rest of my time at KAUST. Next week I have a meeting with two different professors... I'll keep y'all posted on this one!

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