Friday, October 9, 2009

Treasures of the Red Sea


After a day of snorkeling in the Red Sea, I have begun to envy my friends who are majoring in Marine Science. For them, diving is also research, and the world they study is magical - full of color and life.

One of the journalists who visited KAUST during the inaugeration asked me if I had been diving or snorkeling yet. When I answered "no, but soon," his response was, "then you will soon see why you are going to own an underwater camera!" Fortunately for me, one of my friends brought his along for the trip.

The camera does not fully capture the colors of the reef and the fish as well as human eyes do. Our eyes adjust to the blue and filter more of it out - making the colors look more stunning that a camera without a filter can capture.

I'll do this again any time. We were only splashing around for two hours, but I could have done this all day. I can't wait to get my diver's certification!


  1. That looks like Porifera and Cnidaria; that's what I'm teaching right now!

  2. Is this a hint for your Christmas gift list?
    Looks wonderful, wish I was there. What is the water temperature?

  3. You can improve the colours quite a lot by using the "Adjust levels" control in Photoshop. Mess with the Red, Green and Blue levels separately.

  4. that is great bro i am from jeddah but am living in canada to study right now so i miss my hometown i hope u have fun there and i'll come in 62 days have a good one